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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I care for my hardwood floors?

    Please see our care sheet for more information.

  • Why choose hardwood floors over other floor coverings?

    There are many reasons! No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty and value of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors:

  • Are a lifetime floor covering, therefore maintaining their value.
  • Are a carbon neutral floor covering.
  • Help to improve air quality, and are a recyclable and renewable natural resource.
  • Are more sanitary and hypo-allergenic collecting fewer allergens, bacteria and dust mites than other flooring.
  • Increase resale value to your home. Realtors report homes with hardwood floors sell faster and are more desirable in a competitive housing market.
  • Are easy to maintain.
  • Can be sanded and finished to look new again.
  • Can be stained, distressed, hand scraped for many different looks.

    • When do I know it's time to sand and finish my floors?

      When your floor is dull, or showing signs of wear. If your floors have scratches, gouges, cupping or crowning (due to water damage). To save in the long run, it's a good idea to have your floors buffed and coated (maintenance coats) about every five years, depending on the amount of traffic in your home.

    • There are so many varieties of hardwood, how do I select one?

      In selecting your hardwood floor, please keep in mind your floors are not just about your decor, but also your lifestyle. Some basic facts such as, hardness scales, cuts of grain, stability factors, stains and finishes should also be considered. Be sure to ask your hardwood flooring professional.

    • Can I stay in my home while you do my floors?

      It depends on the layout of your home, and the type of finish you choose to recoat your floors. Due to the strong odor of oil base and Swedish finishes, most people choose to leave their home. Water base finish dries faster and has less odor. Many customers do not find the odor of water base finishes objectionable.

    • How long until I can move my furniture back in my home?

      Typically around 48 hours after the final coat of finish has been laid you may gently place, not drag or slide, your furniture in your home. Be sure to place quality felt pads on the bottom of your furniture. 14 days after finishing, you may place doormats/rugs on the floor.

    • What should I put under my area rugs?

      We recommend wool or cotton pads. We do not recommend using rubber mesh, as it can etch your floor finish and leave the pattern of the mesh. This may require sanding to bare wood to be removed.

    • What do I need to do before having my floors installed, sanded or finished?

      Before work begins, remove all furniture, drapes, wall hangings, and other items from the rooms. While dust containment systems do minimize debris, none are 100% effective, so cover any items that you want to keep dust free. Easy access to 220 power will be needed for floor sanders (stove or dryer outlet).